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Company Formation

UAE has become a key international trade hub because of its open economy, attractive business environment, and continued economic growth. Free Zone and Mainland business jurisdictions in UAE offer clients a lot of advantages for starting a business in the region. A major accomplishment of the UAE is its first place ranking in the 'Ease of Doing Business' index for the Middle East region. The government is very friendly to foreign investors coming to the UAE to do business and grow the economy.


Starting and running a business in Dubai are not easy. However, if you have someone with the relevant business experience and the right expertise to guide you, you will find your place more easily. DARTC can assist your company in finding its rightful place in the highly competitive Dubai market by providing all your business consulting needs.

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1. Mainland Company Formation

Establishing a business in the United Arab Emirates requires registering with the Department of Economic Development for each emirate. Dubai mainland companies are professional, commercial, and individual legal entities whose licenses are issued by the Department of Economic Development (Government of Dubai).A Mainland Business Setup in the UAE is a great option for investors seeking to establish themselves in the local market. Companies registered in the UAE are predominantly limited liability companies (LLCs). With Mainland Business Setup, investors can expand their businesses more easily. They can easily open new offices or warehouses, hire more employees, and work with Government projects.

In addition to being 100% expatriate owned, the UAE Mainland Company provides investors the flexibility to choose the location of an office or warehouse so that the costs are kept low .It also benefits the investor by allowing him or her to expand the staff count and open new branches in the United Arab Emirates. It is highly beneficial for companies that want to expand local or internationally to register their Limited Liability Company in the mainland of the United Arab Emirates in order to facilitate easy trade and customs clearance.


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2. Free Zone Company Formation

Free Zone Company Registration in UAE is a business investment opportunity for expatriates around the globe because it provides complete ownership and control of a business. UAE Free Zones are designated areas in UAE where expatriates can invest fully in a business. Due to the business assistance initiatives provided by the UAE Government and the Free Zone Authorities, the UAE Free Zones have become the major trading hub of the region. Anyone can set up a Free Zone Company in UAE hassle-free with an affordable company registration fee.

It's not surprising that foreign investors choose UAE for setting up their company due to the stable political conditions, secured life, efficient law and order, tax haven status, and numerous other benefits. UAE free zones are unique because of their business freedom and tax free status.

DARTC is a team of experts that can handle the entire registration of companies in UAE free zones. Our goal is to reduce the hassles of free zone company formation in the UAE and get everything done as quickly as possible for investors.


If you are interested in learning more about setting up your free zone business, please contact our client support desk.

3. Offshore Company Formation


The UAE Offshore Jurisdiction policies and tax-free nature of UAE offshore company setup have made it an attractive investment for a number of international investors. Upon company registration, an offshore company has a Certificate of Incorporation that facilitates international trade. On the other hand, UAE Offshore Companies are not allowed to trade on the local UAE market. To conduct international trade and operate a business in the UAE, Offshore Companies must also obtain from the governing bodies a Memorandum and Articles of Association as part of their incorporation documents.


Creating an offshore business in Dubai requires several legal and business compliances from the government of UAE to ensure a favorable business environment. The DARTC is the best place to access all the services for starting your business under one roof, with support and guidance you can meet all the requirements.


The UAE is a popular destination for entrepreneurs who want to establish a successful business. There are many legal requirements and formalities that every business has to follow before it begins operations. It can be difficult to accomplish these tasks without the expertise and experience of a business consultant in Dubai. DARTC has helped many companies to set up business in Dubai with our professional, customized, and highly respected services for many years. Our company has one of the finest teams in the business with highly trained and qualified staff, so all our clients receive top-notch services at an affordable price.


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