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External Audit

The audit profession is subject to strict oversight, which has been continuously strengthened over the past few years to maintain financial security and improve the quality of financial reporting. We understand that the most important decisions are the ones that our clients have yet to make. Our clients require the satisfaction of a robust challenge, at the right time, properly planned and executed with the highest level of quality in work supporting our audit opinion, and also expect the audit to add increasing value to their business. As such, we believe the statutory audit should be viewed as an opportunity, not an overhead.


our assurance service is more than a formality - it’s a necessity to protect your business. Our audit approach, methodology, and supporting technologies are considered benchmarks within our profession. In addition, our talent strategy sets high standards of behavior and gears people toward delivering quality results.


We believe that early warnings, open communication, and pragmatic resolution of issues are essential elements of our approach. We take the time to gain a thorough understanding of your business to enable a smooth and efficient audit. We offer risk- focused audits that integrate rigorous risk assessments, diagnostic processes, and audit testing procedures tailored to your industry and situation. Our risk-based, quality-led approach means we provide an intelligent, constructive and challenging audit.


How would an external audit help your business?


• Added credibility for your year-end financial statements

• Identification of potential problems in your accounting and financial systems that need to be addressed

• Independent review for shareholders who are removed from the day-to-day management of the business


This service should be a serious consideration for businesses that are planning growth and looking to improve overall financial systems and processes. As one of the best auditing services in Dubai, we at DARTC- Auditors and Accountants provide impeccable auditing services to ensure the smooth operation and profitability of your business.


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