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VAT Penalty Reconsideration Application

In UAE FTA is the regulatory body for VAT Laws, takes charge of managing and collecting federal taxes and fines. If you are not satisfied with the penalty decision issued by FTA, it is possible to ask them for reconsideration within 20 business days after receiving the penalty.

The authority will review the decision and might waive off the VAT late payment penalties if the business had provided with a justifiable proof regarding the reasons for VAT reconsideration.

 What are information needed to file the VAT Reconsideration Form?

  • VAT Registration certificate
  • The Emirates ID used for registration Passport copy used for registration
  • Registered mobile number and Memorandum of Association to check the affirmed individual.
  • The amount of penalty The date of the penalty
  • Detailed facts and data clarifying the reasons for reconsideration

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